Consecrated Creators Communicating Christ

Adapting the Madison Blueprint established by Ellen White for Madison College, we have developed a new Media Missionary school for young adults. Media creators will learn not only the industry standards in videography, photography and other media, but also best practices in small business with a strong focus on practical work and personal spirituality. Classes begin August 2022 with 12 students convening on the small C4 campus located in Apison, Tennessee  and stocked with a limited composite of videography, photography, and editing gear.

Our goal is to raise up and grow an army of Media Missionaries who are rightly trained to carry the 3 Angels Messages to the four corners of the earth.

In addition to the classroom setting, international excursions will provide young adults opportunities for teaching and mentoring other youth, conducting hands-on public evangelism, and participating in media evangelism programs through Mission SONlight’s global locations. Mission SONlight recently celebrated more than 60 baptisms in Kenya and Cuba. We can now impact even more lives for Jesus as we partner with our students engaging in media evangelism.